Karuna – “Compassion” in Nepali and Where I Spend Most of My Time

Having worked with an anti-trafficking organization called Global Family in the recently earthquake-hit city of Kathmandu, much of my time is spent at a relief center run by Karuna (“compassion” in Nepali), one of Global Family’s local partner organizations.


“Karuna exists to alleviate the needs and advocate on the behalf of women and children living on the streets and who are often dealing with drug abuse and/or HIV, to rescue and release them from the streets, and to enable them to become responsible and ideal citizens.”


Many of the women and children that I meet at Karuna’s relief center fit the description included in Karuna’s mission statement above – many have been exploited and abused, are living on the streets, battling drug abuse and disease, and are often impaired by injury (such as dog bites) and malnourishment.


Some of Karuna’s staff and two of my friends – Benod and Rochak



One of Karuna’s tailoring rooms


Post-Earthquake Kathmandu


Although most of the damage caused by the earthquake took place in villages where there is still a lot of food insecurity, we sometimes see buildings like this in Kathmandu


Photo Cred: Chay-Lo Jensen

A surviving part of Kathmandu Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site